Wellsmere Collies

Wellsmere Collies

Summer 2023

The Great Escape

I pretty much have a “double gate” system wherever the dogs have access.  This is a system whereby if they get through one gate (by mistake) there is a second gate to catch them before they get into too much trouble.  Well,   that only works if you close the second gate….my bad!  So we had a mass escape yesterday.  Now to be fair, my dogs know where their bread is buttered so to speak, but the allure to course through the corn fields and pastures is too strong.  My heart is in my throat as I watch the pack ecstatically head across the lawn (it was a pretty sight) and down the side road paying ABSOLUTELY NO ATTENTION as I am screaming recalls!  Now I know they will come back after they've run a mile or so through the fields and ON THE  ROAD (Let's face it, THEY'RE COLLIES and cars contain people and people are put on the earth to pet collies……i,e. “we don't have to be afraid of cars” but my blood pressure is up as I hop in the Gator to go after them.  Long story short with the help of some passerby's. neighbor's, and friends, everybody was back home and fine in 30 minutes but as they were running down the road (pretty tired) following the Gator homeward bound, I remembered this graphic and thought it was timely to republish it!  PS I had a good stiff drink that night!


On the happier news of the week, on 8/4 we were blessed with 3 Heffalump boys weighing in at just under a pound each!  

Meet Arthos, Aramis and D'Artagnon

Non-Carriers of: CEA/PRA/CN/DM/HUU   


We are also expecting a litter 9/3 from Blueberry Muffin and Parzival.  This will be a “rainbow” litter. Since mom is a white factored, blue merle and dad is a white factored sable we have the possiblity of any of the 4 colors and whites.  Give me a call if the beginning of November is a good time for an addition to your family.

Meet Sheena and Mr. Blue.  Sheena is a 6 y/o, spayed female and mother of Mr. Blue.  Mr. blue is a neutered 3 y/o.  The family has fallen on some hard times and has asked me to help find them a new forever home.  It would be ideal for them to stay together.  Give me a call if interested.



A Cautionary Tale

One night last week, one of my friends was out walking her Wellsmere Collie on his “before bed constitutional” in a suburb of NYC.  This is a place of nice houses and grass between the sidewalk and the road.  As they were walking, Eros was fascinated with one particular area on the grass.  The owner thought he was smelling a spot where another dog had urinated and didn't think much about it.  After several minutes of sniffing and scouring they completed their walk.  Shortly after returning home the dog became wobbly and unable to stand, terrified, dilated pupils, panting, flinching at any touch, noise or light.  A trip to the Doggie ER diagnosed an acute ingestion of marijuana toxicity.  He is now fine but a return to the “scene of the crime” in daylight showed that someone had dumped their remains on the spot.  Now legal in some states, Marijuana in any form is TOXIC to dogs and responsible security and disposal is required.




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