Wellsmere Collies is proud to have qualified as a Breeder with H.E.A.R.T. Members are recognized by the AKC by meeting specific health testing standards. participating in continuing education and making the commitment to the health and well-being of their dogs.

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 I started my breeding program in 2004. I vowed that I would only produce collies that had the traits that I had fallen in love with: health, intelligence, and normal eyes. The pups are raised in my house, not kenneled. At 4 weeks they are introduced into the pack under supervision and the pack assists in socialization and training. House breaking begins at 5 weeks and they get the idea in a couple of days. As they grow and mature (and their control gets better) they spend more and more time with the pack. After their first shot, there are several planned excursions: 1) a visit to the vet for their well puppy physical, 2) a visit to the local beauty salon where they are always oohed and ahhed over, 3) a stop at the local hardware store for more oohing and ahhing. In addition, their socialization is enhanced by exposure to lawn mowers, tv, kids, vacuum cleaners, my singing in the shower and as many experiences as possible. Our commitment to good socialization produces pups that are confident, trusting and out-going.

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