About Us

Our first collie was given to us almost 40 years ago from Condiment Collies. His name was Sherlock because his nose was very long and into everything. Sherlock was to be followed by a buddy named Holmes from Carmody Collies and I was quickly falling in love with all the traits that make a collie. My dad was a retired farmer and when I would come home for a visit he delighted in calling them the "college" dogs.  Having grown up on the farm, I learned about establishing a long term breeding plan to enhance the desired characteristics of the breed.  When I started my program I identified my long term goals and a plan to make them a reality.  Each litter is carefully planned to produce intelligent, lovable, healthy, structurally sound, normal eyed dogs.  Each litter is raised in my home and has a planned program of socialization and experiences that enhance their confidence and personalities.  Give me a call and set up an appointment for a site visit.

Carol Ann